Mass Shooting Databases – Theirs Versus Ours

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The Preventable Mass Shootings Database that resides on this website is a work in progress, and it always will be, and that differs from other like databases. In other words, ours is perhaps simplistic and/or raw, but nonetheless completely accurate. In order to maintain their lucrative government funding, other databases make it complicated, and rigid, which it isn’t. A bunch of those folks are collecting big bucks, mostly federal government bucks, because they supposedly know what caused these dastardly deeds. They don’t. No more than you or I do, and probably to a lesser extent because we’re free to state whatever is the case and they’re generally muzzled by their own kind and by the bureaucrats who are cutting them big checks to produce their so-called findings. In addition, they more often than not receive their funding (grants) upfront, so what incentive do they really have to produce meaningful data. The answer is none. They already got paid. Think about most every other job, if you get fully paid before it’s completed what reason do you have to do it right?

We search for the answers to what causes mass shootings for society, the systems, and the venues, which is for you, not because we get richly compensated to do it, but because we enjoy the pursuit, and, more importantly, because it might just be helpful in stopping one or two of them.

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