PDF Help (General/Us)

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PDF Help (General/Us)

Sometimes it’s best or necessary to use a PDF(s) to advance your mass shooting research effort, means, or project. Should that be necessary, numerous resources and tools are available to accomplish that. While some may require paid subscriptions, most, like us, don’t.

—Citing PDFs:

If you’re trying to make a (your) case, it’s quite often best (and easier) to simply use already written words, which may be legal or scholarly or just original. In other words, cite what has already been so well cited, verbatim. However, you’ve got to cite (give credit) for it, lest you commit plagiarism. Many potential sources provide suggested citations, but most don’t. Should you want to use verbatim what has already been written but don’t know how to cite it, we can help. First, we’ll give your request a once over for any possible copyright infringement issues, and if none exist (which is most often the case), we’ll help you meticulously craft the proper citation for your desired quotation. Just ask.

—Cutting PDFs:

“Cutting to the Chase” – Simply put, this means you want to zero in on 1 or 2 pages of a 50 to 100 page PDF, because, quite frankly, it’s those 1 or 2 pages where the red meat of your argument or presentation exists. Your consumer(s) won’t wade through 50 to 100 pages, but they’ll glance, and hopefully more, at 1 or 2 pages. In addition, remember that the more “white space” there is on a page(s) the more likely it is to at least be perused by those whose attention you seek. Which means masterly cutting (to the degree possible) a PDF can increase the chances that it will be given a second look. Of course, a cut PDF only carries creditability if it’s intrinsically married to it’s original source, so do that, or we’ll show you how it’s done. Just ask.

Cutting PDFs is a cinch (just point and click) using numerous free online tools. Our first choice is Adobe, but because they’re a tad subscription heavy, our choice is Split PDF.

—Conversion To (From) PDF:

Sometimes the content you need or just want isn’t in PDF format. No worries. Using numerous free online tools any content can be easily converted into a PDF. Rarely, conversion from PDF to another format is necessary, but it can just as easily be accomplished.

—Searching PDFs:

While Soft Targets and Crowded Places (ST-CP) has thousands of PDFs available with point and click ease, it’s possible your deliverance isn’t on our servers. No worries. Give us your defined subject/topic and we’ll likely be able to find you the bona fide creditable documentation/evidence you need to make your case, whatever that might be. Our proprietary “no stones unturned” software is akin to nature’s own sonar (echolocation) system. It finds what’s out there. Just ask.

—Vetting PDFs:

As you probably well know, not all is well on the World Wide Web (WWW). While it’s a bastion of information, it’s also fraught with disinformation, deception, spam, and who knows what else. If you find a PDF that looks to be your savior, but wonder about it’s authenticity (no wonder?), contact us. We’ve vetted thousands of PDFs, weeding out hundreds of them very easily and some very begrudgingly, to make sure our crop of PDFs is nothing but the cream of the crop. And we’ll vet your PDF(s) of choice free of charge. We can’t guarantee it/they will be completely unencumbered, but we’re highly confident that it/they will. We use a variety of nonindustrial PDF vetting techniques that we won’t mention here so we’re not giving the bad guys notice of our ways, but rest assured, it’s nearly impossible to circumvent all of our methods.

—Providing PDFs:

PDFs, properly vetted and presented, by you and/or credible sources, can help you and your case in a big way. Do you need help receiving/sending, downloading/uploading, storing (with or without access), PDFs? We’ll help. Just ask.

—Anything Else PDF:

Should you require any other help with PDFs related to your mass shooting research we’re your go to professionals. Just ask how we can help.