Mass Shooting Perpetrators

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For decades in the middle of the twentieth century parents sought to give their children what they didn’t have—things like a college education and home ownership, and today many parents seek to give their children what they did have—things like decency, stability, and wholesomeness. The introduction to my mother’s book, As the Twig Is Bent: The Life of a Child Growing Up in the 1930’s states “I was raised in an atmosphere of proverbs, superstitions, homemade bread, and the New Deal. I write for all the little country girls with barked knees who grew up in a world of innocence and artless simplicity long perished from the earth.”


We as a society need to get much more concerned with what is in the hearts and minds of our fellow Americans than what’s in their hands. Following the best slice of Americana—1945 to 1965—children in greater numbers began to be raised poorly. While initially the percentage was low it slowly increased and ultimately it transcended generations, meaning children whose upbringing was bad were now rearing their own children and, as we all know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Therefore, we now have the highest percentage of wayward people in society than at any other time in our history which, among other things, logically leads to people being angry and/or anxious and/or delusional and/or depressed and/or disenfranchised and/or disoriented and/or paranoid and/or radicalized and/or suicidal, and the like. One or more of those terms describe many of the perpetrators of mass shootings and they didn’t catch it overnight. They slowly fall into darkness and the red flags are most often there but all too often they’re unheeded.

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