It’s What We Have To Do

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You’ve been to an amusement park, a football game, the track, and the like. Right? And, among other things, your admittance to those venues was dependent on you submitting to some pretty rigorous security screening. Right? You didn’t think one iota about it. Right? Of course not. This is 2021. Generally, we not only agree to submit to security screening, but we also welcome it as a means to keep everyone safe. Leaving your backpack in your car and letting your cooler being inspected aren’t intrusions that matter. I was talking with a friend the other day who was adamant about not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. “The government ain’t going to tell me what to do!” Ho hum. If you’re not Jeremiah Johnson, or even Bear Claw, or some such very remote creature, then you’ve got a fundamental duty to do what is in the best interest of society. We’re not infringing on your rights, we’re protecting them, by ensuring that at the end of the day Everyone Goes Home, or whatever like initiative you subscribe to. For instance, to focus on the vaccine dilemma, school children can’t be enrolled in public schools without certain childhood immunizations and it’s the same for college kids. It’s no big deal. It’s about keeping the community safe. That’s why we’re all so disgusted with ski/ride resorts. As venues, they’ve wholly ignored security, particularly entry security, and because they are the softest of the soft venues, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen. So, go ahead, definitely get stabbed in the arm (vaccinated), but unfortunately, at a ski/ride resort, your chances of getting stabbed elsewhere (or more succinctly shot) are extremely high due to their total lack of security measures. Don’t take my word for it, check the facts. Or as Justin McLeod (Mel Gibson) said in the movie The Man Without a Face: “You can look it up.”

Jeremiah Johnson and Bear Claw refer to characters in the major motion picture Jeremiah Johnson.
Everyone Goes Home is the registered trademark of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.
The Man Without a Face refers to the major motion picture by the same name.

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