It Used to be Important to Have a Doctor in the House

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It used to be important to have a house doctor (widely known as a doctor in the house)—today that’s not as important as it used to be unless it’s an emergency room physician, which most of them aren’t. Many doctors today (think gynecologists and podiatrists and the like) are specialists and generally don’t have any expertise in emergency medical care. So, while a doctor in the house is always a good thing, it’s more important today to have a gun—or guns—in the house. For you younger people house in this case doesn’t mean where you live, it refers to public and semipublic venues of all types.

Many instances of the effectiveness of having a gun in the house have played out recently. Our beloved law enforcement officers do their very best, but their current average response time of three minutes (which is greatly improved from years past) isn’t sufficient when the lunatics of today have enormous firepower. Simply put they can kill a lot of people in three minutes. That’s why we need a gun (or better yet) guns in the house, and they need to be in the hands of individuals who will unhesitatingly squeeze the trigger when a bad guy doing bad things is in their sights. Going forward if we have multiple instances of civilians gunning down active shooters before they have no or little time to kill others we’ll see a decrease, probably a major decrease, in mass shooting attempts. You can hate guns like we do, but we sure like it when we’re surrounded by good guys toting them.

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