Only the Unconditionally Foolhardy Want To Defund the Police

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Too many people, including the mainstream media, want you to believe you have reason to fear the police.

You don’t.

Even if you’re Black.

No law enforcement officer wakes up in the morning (or whenever depending on their shift) plotting how he or she is going to kill somebody. They get ready for work and they go to work, just like you and me. Sometimes, at some point, external events, not their making, may put them in the path of somebody that requires their action. It’s their duty to do something about it. So, they do. If they didn’t, you’d fault them for that.

Of course, there are bad apples in law enforcement, just like there are in every profession. But the vast majority of police officers are good guys who end up dealing with bad guys, not because they want to, but because duty calls them to do so. Think about all the instances where the police have been faulted lately and one common denominator arises—it was perpetrators, mostly Blacks, engaged in criminal activity or at least doing something wrong that “called” the police to them. The police didn’t seek them out, rather they brought the police to them with their illegal or suspicious activity.

No police officer wants to respond to a volatile situation any more than you or I do. But their job requires that they do it. And with the exception of very few cases, they do it very well.

When police respond to volatile situations—which includes mass shootings—he or she will often have just seconds to do what needs to be done, while you and I, and the blood sucking lawyers that will inevitability chime in, will have days, weeks, months, and even years to Monday morning quarterback them.

It seems trite, but the police today are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.

There are so many calls to defund the police these days yet so many of us keep calling them. And we always will. Because we need them. We always have, but perhaps now we need them more than ever as crime and particularly mass shootings spiral totally out of control under the Biden administration.

I know the average American has only a ten day recollection of days long gone and past, so let me refresh your memory about one recent case that illustrates clearly why we need the police, and always will.

On August 4, 2019, a perpetrator shot and killed 9 people and injured 17 other people near the entrance of Ned Peppers Bar in the Oregon Entertainment District* in Dayton, Ohio. The perpetrator was fatally shot by responding police officers 32 seconds after the first shots were fired by the perpetrator.

It should be noted that the perpetrator still had approximately 250 rounds of ammunition in his possession and that he was killed by police as he tried to enter Ned Peppers Bar, a very crowded establishment. “Had this individual made it through the doorway of Ned Peppers [Bar] with that level of weaponry, there would have [been] catastrophic injuries and loss of life,” stated Dayton, [Ohio,] Police Chief Richard Biehl**.

Now, do you really want to defund that?

*Less graphic illustration of Oregon Entertainment District provided by Oregon Police Department, Portland, Oregon.

**Dayton, Ohio, Police Chief Richard Biehl retired on July 30, 2021, after serving more than 13 years as Chief of Police and nearly 43 years in public and community service.

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