Mass Shootings Data Transparency

Last content update and data verfication was on June 1, 2023, at 1:31 PM by MEBMX (MEB MediaX) Webmaster or authorized designee.

In an apparent attempt for government transparency documentation pertaining to specific mass shootings can be accessed online when searches are utilized, in some cases targeted drill down searches are necessary. However, the degree of documentation per case is day and night. In other words, some mass shooting cases have just one measly accessible PDF report while others have literally hundreds of assessible PDF reports. One case has 840 PDF reports available. In addition, some online case documentation, usually for those with the most PDF reports, also includes correspondence; audio and video files; and/or photos. Several mass shooting cases include all of the preceding.

In some instances the commonplace person would find the vast depositaries of data overwhelming, and for some it would be beyond their technical ability to access the content. In addition, much of the data is very rudimentary and/or redundant. Therefore, in the spirit of transparency, we’ve reviewed most of it for you and culled from those sources the most descriptive and interesting data and complied it on this Website in easily accessible point and click formats. However, if you’re up to the task of delving into all of it like we did we’ve included a link to all of it.