PDF Disclaimers/Stipulations
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Last updated on Friday, April 22, 2022, at 9:40 PM by Webmaster.

For all accessible PDFs on this website click here or use “Mass Shooting Data Onsite +” menu navigation (scroll up?) for comprehensive PDF access and full search capabilities.

Total records found fluctuates constantly due to record additions and deletions. Please be aware that our proprietary software that searches for and vets all PDFs isn’t always completely accurate (what technology is?), which is why we inspect each PDF individually, in other words, we give them the human touch. Therefore, you have our assurance that PDFs you access on this website have a high level of creditability.

Also, all PDFs on this Website have been fully scanned using deep scan anti-virus software to ensure they are free of malware, viruses, and other harmful intruders. You can download with confidence all PDFs on this Website.

Some PDFs on this Website are permanently or temporarily hidden*. We hide PDFs based on exhaustive criteria which renders their creditability (fakeness?) questionable or their digital and/or physical address (origin) suspicious. Hidden PDFs are routinely exonerated and returned to unhidden standing, while others are hidden, hence, the flow of PDFs available to you changes constantly. Should you detect irregularities with one or more PDFs unhidden on this Website we implore you to contact us so we can rectify the situation, which, if justified, we will do forthright.

Be advised that you should never depend on or otherwise take note of any PDFs on this Website as being singularly or collectively authoritative in their given subject area. We have considerable confidence in the creditability of the PDFs presented here, however, due diligence corroboration is always suggested.

Some (relatively very few) PDFs available on this Website have questionable content. We’ve included them because they’re compelling or interesting, but we’re not absolutely sure of their creditability. PDFs that fit this description have been prominently labeled as such. Their title, in brackets, will always be preceded with a cautionary or warning statement. Please take note of these statements before absorbing or citing their content. However, it’s possible that one or more PDFs on this Website lack the indicated cautionary or warning statement. If you find that to be the case please contact us immediately so we can take corrective action if necessary.

Be advised that some unhidden PDFs are labeled (usually following their title) “A thesis submitted to the faculty of … in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the/of the …” or something like that. While we haven’t systematically excluded PDFs with that very low level of expertise, we have rejected most of them for that reason. Please make note of PDFs labeled as such and digest and ponder their content accordingly. If you believe any such labeled PDF is unworthy of being on this Website please contact us immediately so we can take corrective action if necessary.

Be advised that, because some content is compelling, we’ve chosen to save and upload selected newspaper files as PDFs. However, these files sometimes don’t format well as PDFs. However, we’ve ensured that every one of them, regardless of their presentation, which is dismal in some cases, has content which is completely legible.