Mass Shooting Records/Reports

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Mass shooting records/reports, which are all in PDF format, are predominantly produced and released by governmental entities. Some are the product of contracted consulting firms. Very rarely, some are otherwise. In alphabetical order, they include, but aren’t necessarily limited to, the following:

—After-Action Reports/Reviews
—Autopsy Reports
—Court Records
—Criminal Investigative/Police Records/Reports
—Executive/Summary Reports
—Initial/Interim/Final Reports
—Internal/Organizational Reviews
Prosecutorial Records/Reports

Mass shooting records/reports are the bonafide multidisciplinary documentation of incidents, most of which you’re probably already very familiar with, like “Sandy Hook” or whatever.

New records/reports are added regularly as they become available to us so please check back often.

In some cases we’ve used the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which is the right to access public information held by public bodies, to obtain data that is rightly ours (and yours!) to have. We wield that right ever so judiciously, but nonetheless, necessarily in some cases.

Records/Reports That Weren’t Released Specifically for Public Consumption

Some mass shooting records/reports available on this Website weren’t released specifically for public consumption. Their inherent access complexity and unfriendly characteristics set them apart from other reports. For records/reports that weren’t released specifically for public consumption please be advised of the following:

Some cases have substantial records/reports available, in one instance there are 840 reports available in downloadable zipped folders.
Records/reports often have file names which are generally meaningless to laypeople (like strings of letters and/or numbers) and are available for download, sometimes in zipped folders.
In some categories we’ve included only one record/report. As an example, in the case of meetings attended, property receipts, and victim death notifications only one report is included because all the others that we have don’t differ in any meaningful way.
These records/reports are heavily redacted despite the fact that all the blanks (blackened areas) can be easily filled in with data from media outlets and other online sources.

Content Warning

Please be advised that many of the mass shooting records/reports available on this Website contain very graphic descriptions and/or photos, including crime scene photos. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Remember, official government records/reports, of which these are, are never sugarcoated. They probably shouldn’t be viewed by the faint-hearted and they definitely shouldn’t be viewed by children. Also, people who have been personally impacted, directly or indirectly, by an incident should definitely ponder whether to view any or applicable records/reports.


Please understand that by clicking on (accessing) a record/report or records/reports you’re leaving content produced by this Website which leaves us harmless to whatever you might encounter.

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Opening Records/Reports

To open a record/report select it. The record/report, a PDF document, should open in a separate browser tab or window.

Generally, your browser should automatically open PDFs. However, if it doesn’t, you can safely and securely download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free by clicking the image below.