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—The Parkland Puzzle – How the Pieces Fit Together
—Race and Consequences – An Examination of Police Abuse in America
—Red Lake Indian Reservation, Red Lake, Minnesota, Mass Shooing – March 21, 2005 – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – 1 to 9
—Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mass Shooting – October 1, 2017 – Officer Reports – 1 to 6
—Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mass Shooting – October 1, 2017 – Police Dispatch Logs
—Various – [Perpetrator] [Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Rail Yard, San Jose, California, Mass Shooting – May 26, 2021]
—Sikh Temple, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Mass Shooting – August 5, 2012 – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – 9
—United States District Court – District of Nevada – Affidavit In Support of an Application for Search Warrants [Perpetrator (Route 91 Harvest Music Festival), Et Al. Email Accounts Controlled by Microsoft]

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