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As of Wednesday, October 27, 2021, at 11:19 AM or 1119 Hours Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) our system has found a total manual and automatic vetted PDF count in all accepted categories as follows:

Total PDFs Found: 1072

Total Unjoined* PDFs Found Manually: 25

*Unjoined PDFs are generally large files not suitable for this server (or generally any server) which we manage manually. Currently, they include the following:

—Red Lake Indian Reservation, Red Lake, Minnesota, Mass Shooing – March 21, 2005 – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – 1 to 9
—Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mass Shooting – October 1, 2017 – Officer Reports – 1 to 6
—Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada, Mass Shooting – October 1, 2017 – Police Dispatch Logs
—Sikh Temple, Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Mass Shooting – August 5, 2012 – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) – 9

These files may be able to be accessed online elsewhere. Check the applicable category. If that isn’t possible or successful we will forward them to you upon request. Requests we receive for these files will be responded to in the order received. However, regardless of being researchers, we do understand academic and journalistic deadlines, therefore, we will respond forthwith to those requests.

Total PDFs Found Automatically: 1050